The Legend

Sleipnir, the eight legged horse, represents the fusion of two worlds; that is why we have chosen it as our logo, symbolizing the fusion of Art and Automobile. Continuing with the Norse Mythology, the berserkers were legendary warriors who were able to enter into an estate of ecstasy while they fought. They were feared and respected and their tenacity was mythical even when their enemies outnumbered them.

Our intention as members of Yggdrasil is to get inspired by this tenacious and brave image, so similar to so many people from the automotive realm: drivers, mechanics, engineers, enthusiasts and lovers of an unique object, that gets admirations and hate from its very beginning, when the first automobiles covered their very first meters, more than 120 years ago.


Our work

In Yggdrasil we understand Art in any of its manifestations as something capable of arousing feelings and emotions without any rational reason. Through our work we want to illustrate the idea of unifying the worlds of photography and automobile into Art; the photography as the science of light that shapes the surfaces of the automobile, turning it into a harmonic group of volumes.

Our artistic proposal consists on go beyond the traditional concept of photography, capturing not only the moment, but the very essence of the automobile, portraying it in the optimum materials so it fully transmits the values that the designers, engineers, mechanics and artisans have reflected in the car, instilling a part of their souls into the cold object.



“I strongly believe that the fusion of photography and automobile represents the link between the shapes of the automobiles and their engineering blueprints and that intangible and ethereal feeling that touches and shakes the soul, that indescribable thing that we call Art.“
José Manuel Varela — Irrational Artist

“I am a car enthusiast since I can remember. Something that really fascinates me is to capture in images the shapes and volumes that give the unique character to each vehicle.“
Enrique Díaz — Enthusiast Artist

“An automobile is a huge mirror that reflects events, experiences, memories and the passage of history. It is an undeniable symbol of the XX century that is still alive and which character is ought to be preserved.“
Adrián Quinteiro — Conservative Artist

“Elegance, tradition and values. These are the words that, for me, describe the best the kind of automobiles that talk about old times and that are a vivid example of overcoming and sacrifice.“
Alberto Grandal — Dedicated Artist