Epic creature

There are legends that are forged with ice: with the ice of determination, courage and sacrifice and that bring us distant echoes of mythical times, whispering names of heroes and terrible enemies. What does this have to do with cars? Everything, dear reader, everything.

Although we live in times where the easy and assisted driving prevails, there are still brave who dare to create against the current, who dare to enter the forges of yesterday to forge unique and untamed machines that only a few will appreciate, facing with the voices of those who do not want such creatures to appear. Such is the case of Zenvo.

Born in 2007 of a dream conceived in Denmark by Troels Vollertsen, this brand has managed to gain a place in the Valhalla of hypercars. The photos that accompany these lines correspond to a Zenvo TS1 GT, a spectacular creature, both in its size and its features and configuration: A heart of 5.8 liters with two turbochargers and 8 cylinders in V capable of releasing the power of 1,179 horsepower, which catapult the Zenvo to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and make it cut the wind at 233 mph.

But this is just numbers, impressive without a doubt, but numbers after all. We like to talk about emotions, about feelings; we like to immerse ourselves in an overflowing passion and express it in our photographs and in our stories. And the Zenvo thrills. Join us to feel.

A few months ago we had the privilege of being in the presence of this epic creature. It was during a walk through the reserved area at the Blenheim Palace for the Salon Privé event. Nothing had prepared us for that meeting: suddenly our eyes fell on a green, dazzling body, with dark eyes that watched us with an evident, grim and defiant gesture. Their muscular forms evidenced the need to run free, without ties and the carbon fibers with which it is composed, they spoke of an impeccable manufacture, an artisanal work whose level is only available to the makers of dreams.

But there was something else; beyond its vivid color, beyond that dark gaze and those carbon muscles, its essence shouted with a thunderous voice, defying fate. A voice that transported us to a world of cold and heroic clamors beyond our warm environment.

In the world of the North, destiny can be changed, it can be tamed, it can be shaped by the hammering of discipline and courage: the discipline that is required to create a car like this and the bravery of the hands that will drive it. For a moment we saw ourselves riding on their backs towards Septentrion, beyond the lands of the Jötunn, towards a world of lunar twilight and ancestral wisdom.

Like that eight-legged steed from which this prototype took its name, Sleipnir, the Zenvo ran in a crazy race in which the limits of the real were blurred. Still standing transmits that tension of a thoroughbred moments before a race. The forcefulness of its forms and the violence of its frontal, dominated by the threatening optical, is balanced in a neat design, where nothing is left or nothing is missing. The hexagonal motifs on the outside are also reflected inside, helping to perceive it as a seamless whole, well designed and with a unique character. It is not a car that brings other cars to mind, simply because there is nothing similar.

It is a strong creation, created in the cold, only for expert hands that know how to take advantage of its potential, but without giving up luxury. The finishes of its interior tell us of a pleasant and refined driving experience and invite us to travel miles and miles to remote places for the mere pleasure of driving.

The rattle of Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer on the anvil of dreams shaped a powerful car. And it’s Mjölnir the proud one that Zenvo sports as a logo. An indestructible weapon, as is the will of the people who have been able to chisel the matter of dreams to create a creature of ice and fire: Zenvo TS1 GT.