Roman god

There are moments in life for which no one has prepared us, unique moments that occur once but that remain forever in our memory. Moments that are lived with more intensity after having experienced them than at the exact moment in which they occur, perhaps because the impact is so strong that our mind protects itself by projecting a halo of unreality that evades us of what is happening.

Not many months ago, we experienced one of those moments: while we finalized the details of our stand in the Salon Privé, we heard a purr that suddenly became a thunder and made the ground tremble under our feet. We turn as if we had a mechanical spring, looking for the epicenter of such an earthquake … and we found it. About 160 ft away was the beast that had caused the storm: a powerful Aston Martin Vulcan.

For a moment we looked at each other incredulously, while the brave man trying to position the car on his stand juggled the pedals so that such a beast would not take anything in front of it. When everything was calm, we approached that object that was baptized with the name of the god of fire. And seeing it closely, it would seem that it was indeed made by the hands of the skilled Roman blacksmith.

Its silhouette begins in the sharp frontal, it is extended by the muscular flanks sculpted with fire and wind and ends up lengthening in the characteristic rear pilots, a static advance of the tremendous speed that the car develops, superior to 220 mph. The gigantic spoiler makes us think of brutal aerodynamic loads of up to 3,000 lbs, necessary to keep the car stuck to the surface where it is rolling, since it would be able to roll upside down without falling at full speed, taming an object capable of reaching the 60 mph in only 2.9 seconds and develop a maximum power of 820 hp, thanks to its heart of 12 cylinders in V and 7.3 liters, coming from the bowels of a competition Vantage GT3.

But numbers aside, the feeling of being in the presence of such an artwork is difficult to describe with words. Suddenly one is dragged by a whirlwind of fire and carried inside it. The hand goes firmly to the power selector, moving it from its initial position in which it delivers 550 hp, passing through the intermediate 675 hp and fixing it in the third of 820 hp. The red power button is pressed and … One does not remember anything else. There is only a persistent buzzing in the ears and a curtain of sweat beading the forehead, accompanied by the sensation of having lived intensely, of having savored each second as if it were the last, rushing to the maximum every curve, every inch of asphalt, illuminated by the orange flames coming from the entrails of the Vulcan and exploding to its flanks.

Once our mind has already fantasized to its liking, we begin to walk around the Vulcan, looking for the angles that transmit its essence, opening our ears from within to speak to us and say: “This is the moment! Shoot!”. All cars talk, some speak very low and require a lot of time and patience to unravel their secrets, but others, like this one, shout, wrap you with their shapes and make you feel, they twist you inside and overwhelm you. It is in those moments where you have to know how to see, where you have to know how to listen to capture a small sample of everything that is the car. And at this time it does not matter if we are in a studio with controlled light or if we find ourselves, as has been the case, in a sea of ​​grass and people reflections or on a gray and rainy day. Because the epic moments are given by the protagonist, not the environment. You just have to know how to see and listen.

And it is at this time and in front of creations such as the Aston Martin Vulcan, where we rethink what a car is. A transportation mean? How could a simple means of transport excite, carrying us to the limits of our senses? Or is it something else? They are cold objects that suddenly come alive. And the Vulcan, honoring the god who lends its name, offers us a life full of passion and strength.

The Roman god forged weapons for the other gods, but we are convinced he would have forged this weapon for himself adding a new source of envy for the rest of the gods, along with the fact that his wife was the very same one Venus. Aston Martin Vulcan, we just were not prepared.