Unbeatable warrior

Shadows on the asphalt, lost tracks mixed with the memories of a nearby yesterday, marked by vigor, strength without measure and the limits to be discovered.

Red … passion, anger, seduction, debauchery … that color somehow present in our life that polarizes our future.

Spartan, coarse, powerful, brutal. This is our creature, born in the early 80’s, which sought to satisfy the desire for victory of a mythical brand, and which was the evolution of one of its most characteristic and popular models.

The first thing you realize when you are in front of him is the immense feeling of strength and power that emanates through his silhouette, fattened as if it was a warrior ready for battle. Created to be a legend and to endure engraved with fire in the memory of all those who have seen him fighting in combat.

Everything in him is exaggerated: his armor with the wheel track, his deep dish wheels, his revolutionary spoiler, his combination of black and red colors. Everything in him instills respect. And his heart untammed and agile is able to withstand any onslaught of its rivals, without being intimidated, making this car, along with its low weight and rear traction, the perfect “giant-killer” machine.

Through time our hearing becomes fine, and suddenly we can distinguish if it is worth turning our heads, looking for where the sound comes from, that breathing that denotes the presence of a glorious being, worthy of respect and admiration.

What to say? It has everything needed to captivate you when you are in front of it, without moving, delighting us with its purring at idle, focused on the next battle.

When you are in the inside the true meaning of the word “piloting” comes to your mind. It’s like being at home: you know when you’re going to have a good time, you do not need to ask. Always to the right, that initial sweep that pushes you towards the field where the legend is forged; asphalt, curve after curve, contemplating those faces through the mirror, to the verge of tear, that smell of burnt rubber and petrol that floods the interior, without end, all power, looking for more and leaving behind its competitors.

Dedicated, unique, noble and untammed, this is our warrior. Unbeatable over the years.

And then, the calm, watching over the weapons for the next challenge.

… shadows on the asphalt, lost tracks mixed with the memories of a close yesterday …

Turbo 2.