Salon Privé 2017

Well… Here I am again, in front of a white screen trying to put in order some of my thoughts so I could write. But how could I write if I can barely think. I am just stunned still assimilating what I have lived some days ago.

To be right in front of your dreams is something so unique and rare that the only thing you could do is just stare at them, enjoying the moment in silence, trying to preserve it in your memory forever.

That is exactly what I did two weeks ago while I was attending Salon Privé in Oxfordshire (UK). We had the huge opportunity as Yggdrasil to attend such an amazing event as exhibitors, but we were not ready at all for something so awesome. When David Bagley accepted us as exhibitors the past February, we knew that something unique was on the way, but the event exceeded all of our craziest expectations.

Just an anecdote so you could have a better idea of what I am talking about: On our arrival, one day before the event would start, we were driving through the surroundings of Blenheim Palace and suddenly something happened: a Lamborghini Centenario appeared in the mirror of our car. I challenge you to find who else do you know with such story to tell. I am quite sure that it will not be that easy to find such person. But this is just one of many extraordinary moments, such as being stopped waiting for a Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR to pass before your eyes or as being greeted by Derek Bell MBE, five-times Le Mans Winner. So, there we were.

For those of you who do not know about Salon Privé, let me tell you that it is one of the most important Concourse d’Elegance in the world. Andrew Bagley and his brother David Bagley introduced the event in 2006 and since then, it has become a world reference, together with Pebble Beach and Amelia Island concourses in United States and Villa d’Este in North of Italy. It is comparable in terms of the quality of the cars and of the high level of the judging panel, but it has an unique and British essence. It is British in its elegant “stravaganza” of lobsters, Pommery and tea, in its special and private atmosphere, in its astonishing location (Blenheim Palace is considered as the greatest palace in UK and it is were Sir Winston Churchill was born) and in the crazy but beautiful weather.

To think about a better place to organice the event would be a tough task. All of those especial cars looked even more impressive with such amazing building and gardens as background.

So, once everything was set we let ourselves to enjoy our stay. We walked through the stands of Aston Martin, Bentley, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg, Zenvo, Pininfarina and we witnessed the world presentation of the brand new ATS model, the beautiful GT.

Then, we attended the Chubb Insurance Concourse d’Elegance. There are no words to describe the unique and beautiful pieces of art that were just passing before our eyes: from the winner, the amazing and unique Alfa Romeo 3000 CM ‘Superflow’, to the almighty Aston Martin DB4 Zagato or the elegant Ferrari 330 GTC or the eternal Mercedes-Benz 300SL, just to name a few.

The next day, we witnessed a demonstration of glamour, during the Boodles Ladies’ Day. It was a great opportunity for getting completely imbued by the magical atmosphere of the event, as there were not a single inch in the gardens without beauty and elegance. Really enjoyable.

And finally, the third day was something so special that I should write an entire book and it would be an automobile history book, a huge one indeed, as there were parked in the garden some of the best Ferraris ever, summarizing the 70 years of the Italian brand, perhaps the most iconic brand of all. From the Ferrari 166 Inter (the third oldest Ferrari in the UK) to the ultimate weapon from the brand of Maranello: the LaFerrari Aperta.

This was just a very short summary of three unforgettable days that have brought to our minds the idea that cars are Art. We have always defended this idea, that cars are Art as they are a reflection of beauty. Beauty in the shape and sound, but beauty also in the stories behind them; stories that talk about sacrifice, about dreams, about courage.

The cars were truly amazing, but the magic was specially there in the people who brought such cars back to life. Their eyes reflected a joy that could only be possible through passion, because it is the joy that comes by overcoming the difficulties during the long way of a restoration or after a hard acquisition, it is the joy that shines with such intensity that is capable to inspire others to pursue their dreams.This is the best part of being a petrol-head and of being surrounded by likeminded people, finding other dreamers who inspire you so you could move forward looking for your goals.

This is the essence of the automobile for us, and Salon Privé is the perfect occasion to enjoy it and to share it with amazing people.

Thank you very much David for letting us join such an amazing event. Thank you Sian for your help and a big thank you also to the artists that were exhibiting in the event for being so kind: Ella of Freire Printz and Paul and Rachel of Carisma Photo. To meet you was truly nice and we hope that it was just the first time of many more to come.